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Glowing Essence of the Citadel

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Glowing Essence of the Citadel

Magic, No Trade
Class: All
Race: All

Rec Lvl:

Effect: Use Ability (Req Lvl: 100) - Any Slot, Casting Time: 1.0
Recast Delay: 5s

Item Lore: A glowing fragment of the power of magic within Arx Mentis
Misc Item Values

Advanced Loot: 89450^7549^Glowing Essence of the Citadel

Merchant Buys For: Unknown OR Not Sellable

Merchant Sells For: Unknown OR Not Buyable

Stack Size: 1

Tribute: Unknown OR Can't Tribute

This item drops from a Raid Event:
Right-clicking this item will grant the caster their choice of Level 105 Rank III The Darkened Sea spells.

Glowing Essence of the Citadel By: Rorce On: October 24, 2014, 06:03:22 PM

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