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Faded Blizzard Hands Armor

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Faded Blizzard Hands Armor

Magic, Lore, No Trade, Prestige

Size Capacity:
Req Lvl:

Item Information:

Master the ability to shape the restless ice into useful armor tailored for you. Place an emblem for your class within the item and add Blizzard Refined Velium to empower it.

Item Lore: Faded Blizzard Hands Armor
Misc Item Values

Advanced Loot: 164909^5097^Faded Blizzard Hands Armor

Merchant Buys For: Not Sellable
Merchant Sells For: Not Buyable

Stack Size: 1
Item Updates

Checked: Mar 7, 2023, 01:10 AM
Updated: Dec 5, 2020, 02:08 AM

This item drops from NPC's:

Dragon Necropolis

This item can drop from a chest in the Mission:

Faded Blizzard Hands Armor By: EQResource Item Collector On: December 05, 2020, 02:08:36 AM

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